Two Days

International Conference on Horticulture Technology

on 17-18 December 2019, at Chandigarh, India.

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Horticulture Department Government of Haryana

Horticulture Department deals with the production and maintenance of fruits, vegetables, and flowers, spices mushroom, medicinal and aromatic plants. The cultivation of horticulture crops is highly specialized, technical and remunerative venture as compared to traditional crops being grown by the farmers. Apart from this, majority of Horticulture crops, being perishable in nature, requires systematic planning for their development.

Horticulture development has assumed greater importance in recent years since this sector has been identified as remunerative for diversification of land use which provides increased employment opportunities, better return per unit area besides filling the nutritional gaps. Farmers in Haryana have also started taking up horticulture crops as a separate viable economic activity. With a view to give a boost to the growth of horticulture in the state, Haryana Government created a separate Department of Horticulture in 1990-91, which was previously a part of Agriculture Department, Haryana.

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